Individual Donations

The Barrington Area Conservation Trust works closely with area residents and others who are interested in helping to preserve the beautiful open spaces that are so vital to our way of life.

Your contribution to the Barrington Area Conservation Trust makes you a part of the work we do and the solutions we offer for a healthier, greener place to live!

Individual Donations

Donors who give $1,000 or more annually also receive a special invitation to our exclusive major donor Conservation Circle reception.

 Where does my donation go?

$50 – Shrubs for Nature Preserves, Volunteer Supplies for Workdays, Pollinator Plants
$100 – Loppers for Work Days, Teen Internships Supplies, Education Materials
$250 – Compost, Easement Monitoring, Mowing
$500 – Native Seeding, Water Monitoring, Volunteer Shirts
$1,000 – Tree Trimming, Buckthorn Removal
$2,500 – Prescribed Burn, Easement Legal Documents, Mapping
$5,000 – Nature Preserve Maintenance