Eagle & Girl Scout Projects

 Eagle and Girl Scout Gold Award Projects

The BACT works with Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Gold candidates from area scout troops, providing oversight for service projects that improve the quality of the land BACT preserves.

Previous Eagle Scout projects include:

  • Creating mulch parking pads at Pederson Preserve and Far Field Nature Preserve
  • Building an observation deck at Pederson Nature Preserve  (intersection of Lake Cook Road and Hart Road across the street from Barrington High School)
  • Removing invasive plants and installing sustainable native plants at Pederson Preserve
  • Creating a woodchip walking trail and bridges at Barclay’s Woods in Tower Lakes
  • Building banner posts at Pederson Preserve
  • Designing and constructing all weather bulletin boards
  • Building a fire pit at Far Field Nature Preserve

Previous Girl Scout Gold Award Projects include:

  • Developing a method to collect and store seeds from our Far Field Nature Preserve  for future use in seeding our preserves
  • Planting monarch waystations at Pederson Preserve and monarch educational programming



 Scout Projects

Scout projects will be considered upon request.  For more information, please call us at 847-387-3149.

Here are a few of our scouts and their projects:


Chris, Troop 29

Chris designed a fire pit with a surrounding gravel weed suppressing area and four benches for Far Field Nature Preserve. BACT’s volunteers and guests enjoy gathering at the fire pit after work days, festivals and educational events.

Anita, Girl Scout Troop 1087

For her Girl Scout Gold Award, Anita made seed sorting trays and organized seed collection activities for OakToberFest at Far Field Nature Preserve.  Along with the volunteers, she collected seeds from several varieties of native plants that BACT utilized at other preserves.

Phillip, Troop 

Phillip installed a rain garden to manage water runoff in the drainage swale at the edge of Katie’s Marsh. These native plants will thrive in the moist ecosystem at the edge of this wetlands and will filter and control the water flow along Ridge Road.



Quinn, Scout Troop 

Quinn’s project was to create a water collection and storage system for Far Field Nature Preserve. This included designing and fitting a gutter system to the two existing sheds which would lead to four water barrels for water collection. We asked that the barrels be raised so that buckets could be filled easily and have a stable and secure base to prevent the barrels falling over.