Internship Programs

Summer 2022 Internship


Unfortunately, BACT has cancelled this year’s internship program

Watch this space for updates for 2023


Check out the 2021 Intern Reflections below.


BACT High School Summer Internship Program


This internship provides a hands-on opportunity to explore, learn and participate in a variety of scientific methods utilized in the environmental field.

Projects May Include:

Experiments and in-the-field projects include topics of soil, water, native plants and the benefits of nature. (Check out the intern presentations from 2020!)

Time Commitment:

  • In the field at one of our preserves in Barrington Monday through Friday 9am – Noon 
  • Additional ongoing citizen science projects throughout the summer during your own time.
  • Intern Recognition and Presentations at Far Field Nature Preserve

The internship is unpaid and provides invaluable experience for your college resume, as well as insight into possible career opportunities.


Outdoors at BACT preserves:

  • Pederson Preserve, at the corner of County Line Road and Hart Road
  • Far Field Nature Preserve, at the corner of County Line Road and Old Sutton Road
  • Mondschine Wildlife Conservation Area, Haegers Bend Road

Who is eligible?

To be considered, you must be:

  • A current high school student, including incoming freshmen through seniors who graduate the spring immediately before the program.
  • Must commit to program dates and times.
  • Completed applications must be received by May 1st.
  • Space is limited to 10 applicants.
  • Applicants will be interviewed via zoom after their application is received.


  • $75 fee to cover the cost of supplies – payable upon acceptance into program*

*Please contact our office if your student requires financial assistance.

by BACT Intern Michelle Y. 2016

2021 Intern Reflections

Hannah E.:

The internship helped expand my perception of nature in a way that’s useful as a student and citizen, and could also be useful on a professional level in the future.

Grace B.:

I learned so much from the BACT internship including new perspectives that helped me to value the environment and human’s relationship with the environment in an entirely new way.

Zoya H.:

Interning at BACT was a really eye-opening and insightful experience that allowed me to not only develop skills in the environmental field, but as a community citizen too. It was a lot of fun! 

Ryan P.:

I think that the BACT internship is a way to experience and learn everything about nature and how it can effect us as humans.

Jenna B.:

Throughout my time participating in the BACT internship I was able to discover a multitude of different approaches to environmentalism and the conservation movement. I have become fulfilled in learning that true development in science only occurs when it is able to include multiple diverse and intersectional perspectives. I want to thank my fellow interns, Navraaz, Kat and all of the riveting speakers that graciously dedicated their time to enrich all of our experiences.

Meghan O.:

Participating in the BACT internship was a great opportunity because I was able to learn so much about both the natural environment through hands on activities, and about the importance of conservation efforts in our world through the perspectives of different conservationists and environmental scientists. I’m so glad I was able to be a part of such a cool experience!!

Erica B.:

I was always intrigued by the different topics we studied each day. It was a stimulating experience for me and definitely impacted my impression of sustainability in the environment. 

Alexia L.:

This internship gave me a great opportunity to learn about our local flora and fauna as well as countless ways we as individuals can help protect our environment. I left with a new outlook on conservation and a much more knowledgeable view on how our local environment impacts everyday life.

Grace T.:

Going into this internship, I had very minimal knowledge on environmental restoration and the many explored and unexplored studies that come with that. After this experience, I have a much stronger sense of  what our environment encounters every day, and how we can impact it for better. 

Evan P.:

This internship was an amazing educational opportunity which provided me with a ton of insight on all different aspects of the environment. It has inspired me to work harder to better our environment, and has given me multiple resources on how to do so.

Natalie C.:

The BACT internship taught me so much about my role in nature and how it affects us every day. It was an incredible learning experience that gave me the opportunity to work with other students that share the same passion I do. 

Himat S.:

At the beginning of this internship, I wasn’t really sure about the depth of my interest in environmental preservation. However, after going through this internship, I realized that the world of plants and conservation is incredibly nuanced and fascinating, and I have now begun to apply what I’ve learned to try and do my part to help with conservation. 

Jackson W.:

I went into this internship in order to further understand my knowledge of the natural world for college. Not only did I do that but I am now that much closer with the world around me having learned the role everything plays in my everyday life and the role I play in that cycle on earth and I couldn’t thank this internship enough for that.