Tower Lakes Drain Partnership


BACT recognizes that land and water are interconnected. Surface water that flows across our properties eventually winds up in our wetlands, ponds, lakes and rivers. BACT formed the Tower Lake Drain Watershed Partnership in 2012, in an effort to help residents improve water quality in the watershed, including the many recreational lakes and streams in the northern Barrington communities. For more information click here.

9 Lakes Watershed Plan

In June 2014,  the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) completed the “9 Lakes Watershed Plan”, which addresses water-related issues affecting southwestern Lake and southeastern McHenry Counties, including communities located within the Tower Lake Drain.   The Tower Lakes Drain includes the Villages of Lake Barrington, Tower Lakes, North Barrington, Port Barrington, Hawthorn Woods and Fox River Grove. Timber Lake, Tower Lakes, Lake Barrington and Lake Fairview are some of the recreational lakes located in the drain.

Members of the Tower Lake Drain Partnership will continue to meet on a regular basis to explore ways to implement projects outlined in the “9 Lakes Watershed Plan”.  These meetings also allow for lake communities to learn from each and typically include outside speakers with expertise in a particular area like shoreline stabilization, water quality, algae control and fish populations.




Download a copy of the Tower Lake Drain Map.