Virginia Bluebells

Virginia Bluebells

Mertensia Virginica

Virginia Bluebells start with pink flower buds that open to blue in March and April. Foliage is a soothing blue-green and matures between 12-24” tall. This plant is a true spring ephemeral, meaning the foliage goes dormant in summer. Great for naturalizing in rich, moist woodland situations. The flowers are pollinated by long-tongued bees primarily. Other visitors to the flowers include hummingbirds, butterflies, skippers and Sphinx moths, including the hummingbird moth.


General Information:

Mature Height:  1 Foot
Mature Width:  1 Foot

Flower Color:  Blue/Pink
Fall Color:  N/A

Soil Type:

Mesic, Moist


Partial Shade, Full Shade 

Bloom Period:




Pair With:

Wild Ginger

Christmas Fern