Prairie Blazing Star

Prairie Blazing Star

Liatrris Pycnostachya

Commonly found in dry prairies, Liatris Pycnostachya is the tallest of the Liatris species. It is recognized by its crowded leafed stalks and full lilac flower heads. This plant can reach heights up to 5 feet! Liatris Pycnostachya attraches bummblebees, leaf-cutting bees, honeybees, hummingbirds and butterflies. Small mammals such as rabbits and groundhogs also feed on the plant.



General Information:

Mature Height:  3-5 Feet
Mature Width:  2 Feet

Flower Color:  Purple
Fall Color:  N/A

Soil Type:

Mesic, Dry Mesic, Moist


Full Sun, Partial Shade 

Bloom Period:




Pair With:

White False Indigo