Monthly Donation

Make a donation to BACT

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Donation Levels

Your one time donation will go towrds the following areas:  

$50 – Shrub for Nature Preserves, Volunteer Supplies for Workdays, Pollinator Plants

$100 – Loppers for Work Days, Teen Internships Supplies, Education Materials

$150 – Tree for Nature Preserves, Hand Shovels

$250 – Compost, Easement Monitoring, Mowing

$500 – Native Seeding, Water Monitoring, Volunteer Shirts

$750 – Earth Day Plants, High School Student Coordinator

$1,000 – Tree Trimming, Buckthorn Removal

$1,500 – Easement Reports, Install Native Sedges

$2,500 – Prescribed Burn, Easement Legal Documents, Mapping

$5,000 – Nature Preserve Maintenance

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