Eco-friendly Landscaping

 How can we help?

BACT supports homeowners interested in being more eco-friendly by offering a visit to your yard for site-specific advice.  The home visit is free to BACT members, $50 for non-members.  During a home visit, a BACT naturalist will walk through your yard with you and give helpful advice on:

  • ways to attract more birds and butterflies
  • ways to manage your stormwater (reduce flooding, run off, pooling)
  • tree and shrub recommendations to help add beauty and function
  • flower and grass recommendations for different areas in your yard
  • installation of a rain garden
  • shoreline stabilization
  • eco-friendly lawn care including referrals to professional lawn care companies if desired
  • any specific issue you would like help with!


Conservation @Home certification checklist

It is not necessary to meet all items in all categories. A continued goal is to recognize areas that efforts can be directed to achieve.


BACT partners with local and regional organizations that promote sustainable communities, and open space preservation.

Ringers Landscaping
Ringers Landscaping, offers native plants, spring through fall.



Upcycle sells supplies to conserve water and reduce waste such as rain barrels and composters.

 Schedule a Visit

There is a $50 charge to help cover 1 hour consultation, BACT membership, and Conservation@Home sign for those ready to certify.


Needed for confirming a consultation
Needed for scheduling a consultation
If you are ready to certify your property, please review the certification criteria.
There is a $50 charge to help cover the 1 hour consultation plus a summary report with recommendations and resources. A Conservation@Home sign will be provided for those ready to certify!