Education, Support, Recognition

Conservation@Work, a regional program, educates, supports and recognize businesses and corporations who incorporate environmentally friendly practices on their business campus. The foundation of the program is to encourage installation of native plants into business campus landscaping thus creating friendly habitats for wildlife, capturing storm water using rain barrels or rain gardens (garden beds planted with native plants) and environmentally friendly campus care.  In addition, businesses are encouraged to incorporate a conservation ethic, such as employee volunteer days, locally sourcing materials, recycling and composting.

Conservation@Work Business Membership

Please join us in our conservation efforts as a business member. A one-year business membership includes:

  • A complimentary Conservation@Work consultation including a visit to your campus with site specific advice
  • Presentation for employees on a variety of conservation topics
  • Outdoor team building activities at one of our nature preserves
  • Recognition on our website
  • Newsletter and access to conservation information
  • The satisfaction of being a part of a vibrant conservation land trust in your community 

For more information, please contact our office via email or call 847-387-3149





Before & After Photos

The Onion Pub & Brewery property prior to and after restoration efforts.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Conservation@Work is a regional program recognizing businesses and organizations that incorporate a variety of environmentally friendly practices into their business campus maintenance and daily operations.

Please see our Conservation@Workchecklist to learn more.

Yes. The goals of Conservation@Work are to recognize conservation leaders that implement practices such as recycling, composting, locally sourcing, etc. BACT provides employee enrichment opportunities with signature “Lunch & Learn” programs.

Conservation@Work certified organizations that would like to inspire others receive:

  • Recognition on the BACT website
  • Publication in BACT print & e-newsletters
  • Promotion via social media
  • Exciting sponsorship opportunities
  • A one-year membership to BACT
  • A distinguished Conservation@Work campus sign

Yes. Conservation@Work encourages the use of native plants that are adapted to unique soil and regional climate conditions, enabling them to survive drought, flood and fire.


Yes. Chances are your organization is already striving to reduce waste by recycling and turning off lights. Hosting a “Lunch & Learn” presentation in your workplace to educate employees on eco-friendly practices they can incorporate at home completes this requirement.

Yes. The goal of Conservation@Work is not to eliminate all turf grass. Landscaping with native plants in strategic parts of a corporate campus along with turf grass adds beauty as well as conservation benefits.

Yes. The Conservation@Work program provides information to those seeking non-chemical controls for weeds and pests. In some cases, limited chemical application may be recommended for eliminating invasive species.

To get started with a campus consultation, email [email protected] or  call 847-387-3149.