Bottlebrush Grass

Bottlebrush Grass

Hystrix Patula

Bottlebrush grass will look like its name. The spiky seed heads will look just like the brush used to clean baby bottles. Bottlebrush grass is most common in mesic woods and slope communities, however it is not uncommon on the floodplain. It can be aggressive on open ground, but does not seem to push other plants out of the way, acting more as a coexistence type of player in the woods. The seed heads are show stoppers in late summer and will persist until early fall and beyond if they are not disturbed.



General Information:

Mature Height:  3 Feet
Mature Width:  3 Feet

Flower Color:  Green/Brown
Fall Color:  N/A

Soil Type:

Dry, Mesic, Dry Mesic


Full Shade, Partial Shade 

Bloom Period:




Pair With: