Blue False Indigo

Blue False Indigo

Baptisia Australis

Like most of its genus, Baptisia australis spends its first few years developing mostly below ground. The branching foliage and blossoms become showier and more developed with each subsequent growing season.

Probably the most familiar and wide-ranging of  Baptisias, Blue Wild Indigo (also known as Blue False Indigo) can provide an early deep blue flare in spring native plantings where its bushy structure complements summer bloomers. Their 4′ height and branching habit make wide spacing advisable in home landscaping.


General Information:

Mature Height:  3-4 Feet
Mature Width:  

Flower Color:  Blue
Fall Color:  N/A

Soil Type:



Full Sun

Bloom Period:


Pair With:

Prairie Dropseed

Wild Petunia

Black Eyed Susan